Thursday, May 23, 2013

29 Going on 30 Bucket List (so far!)

29 Going on 30 Bucket List:

1) Do something that I might not do normally.
(Might not know what that is now but I'm sure I'll know at the time.)
Hmm... probably but nothing stands out!

2) Throw a party.
Does Throwing my son's 4th Birthday party count!? It was Mario brother theme!
But I also plan on throwing myself huge 30th birthday party! Although it will be after I turn 30 but A lot of planning and ideas have already gone into it!

3) Make a new friend.
I would say not exactly new friend but I have really connected with few people closer.

Ida and Avery!

4) Worry less, breathe more. (Trust me, that's a tough one!)
I'm mediating more! Although I still worry a lot.

5) Bake an apple pie.
Oops! Missed Apple Season! But I think I can accomplish this! 

6) Take Kade somewhere or do something new at least once a month. (Like going to the Zoo and Movies)
We have done a few things but I wouldn't say enough a new things once a month.
-We did Discover the Dinos!
-We went to Shaver's Creek Environmental Center
-Done some new crafts and artwork.
And I'm sure other things I can't think of at the moment

7) Go somewhere I've never been.
Scranton, PA
Kinda Lame I know.

8) Take a class.
This may not happen. :(

9) Start doing yoga.
I wanted to do a Yoga Class but Yoga dvds are cheaper! :)

10) Exercise more.
I'd say more then last year but not near enough yet!

11) Try a gluten free diet for at least a month. (If it doesn't stick, watch my intake of carbs.)
Tried for 2 weeks ha!

12) Eat healthy.
I do good for a little bit then I go back. Its up and down cycle!

13) Start my Etsy Shop!
Currently in the works!

14) Blog more.
Totally failing here!

15) Help someone.
I'm not sure I have help someone other then normal things.

16) Volunteer and/or donate something.
I have few ideas up my sleeve!

17) Create something new. (Maybe a new craft?)
I've done a lot artwork lately from drawings to painting. But I'd still like to explore this one more!

18) Refurnish something.
Nada yet.

19) Take photos with my actual camera and not just with my phone.
Hmmm some. Ha!

20) Watch 13 going on 30 and participate in the Thriller dance.
Dude?! Why haven't I done this yet!?

21) Make a wish on a shooting star.
Or this?!

22) Lose at least 20lbs. (Maybe even 30?!)
Lets not go there! But trying!

23) Make and do a "Good Thing in a Jar".
Started it and once in awhile I add to it!

24) Acts of kindness towards strangers.
I need to do this more!

25) The Color Run!
No color run yet. And if so in August it will be when I'm officially 30.
But I did do the Dirty Girl Mud Run!

26) Read at least 24 books. (Hopefully more!)
I want to say at least 10!

27) Cut my hair short.
Did it! :)

28) Have a spa day! (Relax, Mani, and Pedi)
Nope, not yet?! Maybe a birthday gift from one my awesome followers!

29) Take more walks.
Yes and no.

30) Do something that scares you.
I've talked about this but haven't yet. (I think I'm scared!)

So, what I learned: Time flies! It's not easy to do this all and juggle your everyday life. But it's been a pretty good year so far and I look forward to continue trying to complete these tasks before July 31st! A little over 2months! 

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