Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Spider...

Maybe its a Mom thing, but when I see things I often break out my tunes!

Ok ok... Maybe its not a mom thing... maybe I have been doing this my whole life. :P

But in this instance I was working on picture of spider webs (look below :P) and it sure did make me break out my nursery rhyme skills. Kade does really enjoy my voice. I discovered even when I'm sick and snotty and I don't have much a voice he still loves it! Then again he also thinks its funny when I tell him "No!" or "Don't do that!" (which seems a lot these days since he is getting into everything!)

But I'm really straying away from the point of my post....

My Pictures!

Memorial weekend I went on hike with some of my family!

It was quite a journey! I really love being outdoors and I really love taking pictures so just add that with beautiful sun-filled day and what do you get! Heaven! So here are few pictures from my family hike! You'll notice that there are quite bit of Itsy bitsy spider cob webs in the woods too. :P

Monday, June 7, 2010

"My Lilacs brings all the boys to the yard"

Alright... so maybe not Boys but Bees for sure! :D

Here are some pictures of my beautiful spring Lilacs!

(Sorry I'm really late with posting them)

I also had fun trying to arrange them. Do think becoming a Florist is in my future?! ha


(This is a progression of the lilacs)

(Here are my florist skills in action :P)