29 Going on 30

I thought I dedicate a page to my 29 Going on 30 bucket list. (Which was talked about here. )
This way I can keep you guys inform on my progress!

29 Going on 30 Bucket List:

1) Do something that I might not do normally.
(Might not know what that is now but I'm sure I'll know at the time.)

2) Throw a party.

3) Make a new friend.

4) Worry less, breathe more. (Trust me, that's a tough one!)

5) Bake an apple pie.

6) Take Kade somewhere or do something new at least once a month. (Like going to the Zoo and Movies)

7) Go somewhere I've never been.

8) Take a class.

9) Start doing yoga.

10) Exercise more. 

11) Try a gluten free diet for at least a month. (If it doesn't stick, watch my intake of carbs.)

12) Eat healthy.

13) Start my Etsy Shop!

14) Blog more.

15) Help someone.

16) Volunteer and/or donate something. 

17) Create something new. (Maybe a new craft?)

18) Refurnish something.

19) Take photos with my actual camera and not just with my phone.

20) Watch 13 going on 30 and participate in the Thriller dance. 

21) Make a wish on a shooting star.

22) Lose at least 20lbs. (Maybe even 30?!)

23) Make and do a "Good Thing in a Jar". 

24) Acts of kindness towards strangers.

25) The Color Run!

26) Read at least 24 books. (Hopefully more!)

27) Cut my hair short.

28) Have a spa day! (Relax, Mani, and Pedi)

29) Take more walks.

30) Do something that scares you.

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