Tuesday, August 14, 2012

29 Going on 30

July 31st marked my 29th birthday. I kinda, slightly freaked out in the inside. Because this means I'll be 30 next year! Crazy, because I don't feel that old or should I say I don't feel that age. Looking back in time, I didn't see my life this way at all. Not that it's a bad life at all. I mean seriously look at my amazing son!

I do wish I was slightly more accomplished in my career aspect. I mean growing up I wanted to be this famous artist or photographer. (And I secretly still do).  Then I look around at so many people my age and all that they have accomplished. They have made a dent in this world. This makes me question my life and if I have made a difference? And if I have really lived so far? Seriously, I want to be that beat-up pick up truck that just screams personality because it really lived. So, this bucket list is to living and reminding myself of my dreams. It is also about motivating myself to become a healthier and happier ME! So I can hit my 30s with the a BANG!

29 Going on 30 Bucket List:

1) Do something that I might not do normally.
(Might not know what that is now but I'm sure I'll know at the time.)

2) Throw a party.

3) Make a new friend.

4) Worry less, breathe more. (Trust me, that's a tough one!)

5) Bake an apple pie.

6) Take Kade somewhere or do something new at least once a month. (Like going to the Zoo and Movies)

7) Go somewhere I've never been.

8) Take a class.

9) Start doing yoga.

10) Exercise more.

11) Try a gluten free diet for at least a month. (If it doesn't stick, watch my intake of carbs.)

12) Eat healthy.

13) Start my Etsy Shop!

14) Blog more.

15) Help someone.

16) Volunteer and/or donate something.

17) Create something new. (Maybe a new craft?)

18) Refurnish something.

19) Take photos with my actual camera and not just with my phone.

20) Watch 13 going on 30 and participate in the Thriller dance.

21) Make a wish on a shooting star.

22) Lose at least 20lbs. (Maybe even 30?!)

23) Make and do a "Good Thing in a Jar".

24) Acts of kindness towards strangers.

25) The Color Run!

26) Read at least 24 books. (Hopefully more!)

27) Cut my hair short.

28) Have a spa day! (Relax, Mani, and Pedi)

29) Take more walks.

30) Do something that scares you.

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