Friday, June 17, 2011

iphone Photos: Monsters

Here are latest iphone photos and it seems to be monster theme :D

Monster finger puppets!

More monsters! And my attempt to make brownie popsicles.
(They were yummy just not so much looking the way I wanted them to!

Mmmmm. Yum. I heart sprinkles!
And a photo of the lantern lights I got for the deck. They're solar too!

We set up a kiddie pool for Kade one 90° day. He loooooooved it!
Then one rainy overcast day. I was feeling bummed so
I decide to pretend we were at the beach!
(yes the water is blue)

My little monster!!

Kade was laughing at being able to see himself in my iphone!
While in the 2nd photo he was being a little monster by not listening.
But look how innocent he looks!

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