Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mixed Pix

These photos are all taken from my iphone. I decided from time to time I will post some on here to share with you! :) Having a iphone sure is convenient when you are shutter bug. So many fun apps as well! They are all random and have no theme to them hence why I titled this posted Mixed Pix's. Enjoy!

Wild flower buds!

A baby bunny found in our backyard.

The adventures of Buddy Buddha.
From time to time in my downtime at work Buddy and I go exploring.

My house plant.

My Mother's day gift from Kade was to play hide n' go seek with his Mama. Only Mama, didn't know we were playing and Mama didn't not know where he was. I had no idea that he could how open doors. This is where I found him. Small heart attack that day. If you notice he totally playing in his socks!

Choo! Choo! They can be found all over our house!

Kade and I reading books.


  1. I used to love Thomas the Tank Engine... until I watched it two years ago and discovered how creepy it really is.

  2. lol!!! I thought the same at first. But Kade really loves it so it grew on me. :)