Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jenny & Jamez 7/17/2010

Being my first wedding I shot, I was nervous as heck!
Especially on such short notice.
Jenny contacted me only 2 weeks before her wedding,
She was frantic and needed a photographer asap.
I told her I was hadn't done many but I was up for the challenge!

It really was a learning experience but at great one at that.
Jenny is a photographer and was able to give me pointers despite the fact that it was also her wedding day.

I learned that you have to become a Ninja on any couple's special day: you need to be everywhere FAST, you need to SEE everything while trying to remain inconspicuous. I feel I did the best I could I do. Although at times I caught myself saying I really wish I had a second shooter.

What I can tell you for sure is, I saw love that day!

As mushy as it sounds, I did see it.

Jamez and Jenny are absolutely in love with one another.
The way they looked at one another, the way they interacted
together was like something out of movie, only it wasn't some made up fairytale, it was real! I get goosebumps remembering their special day.
I'm not going to lie either, I did shed a couple happy tears that day!

I just hope that I captured the love I witnessed.

Thank you Jenny and Jamez, for giving me the opportunity to share and witness your day.

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