Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bloomin' Cattails!

The other day I needed gas, so I stop at a Sheetz. While I pulled in I noticed this patch of cattails! Luckily, I had my camera! So instead of pumping gas right away, I ran over and started snapping away! People probably thought I was nuts! Which I guess I can't blame them.

At first when I took these pictures I wasn't quite sure if they were Cattails. I wasn't used to seeing them with all the cotton-like fluff on top. So I did a little research and the fluff is actually seeds which blow away, in hopes that new ones will grow.

Interesting fact:

While researching I found out that some Native Americans actually used this cotton-like fluff for moccasins. Pretty cool huh? I think these cattails could have made quite a few moccasins!

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