Saturday, February 6, 2010

King Edward

So I had my camera out and ready to go shoot some photos of the 14inches of snow outside but then the lighting on the cigar box to right of room caught my attention. I'm not exactly sure why I like this picture so much. The lighting? The peaceful and calm feeling I get when looking at it? I just cant put my finger on it.
Also I can't decide if I like in color or black & white! I tend to always have this problem with photos. I love black and white photography! But don't get me wrong I love color too! I just feel black and white image allows objects/people pop out. While normally we might not notice some finer details (and I love the fine details wrinkle, cracks, you name it I love it).

But in this color photo I do love the colors. It has nice warm feeling. So what do you think? Which do you prefer? :)

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